Born from a passion for automotive over 35 years ago, Henry’s Car Barn is the place to store your car or collection. Based within the heart of the country Henry’s Car Barn is easily accessible from the M40, M42, M6 or the M5, which makes 24/7 access to your vehicle and the driving roads around us incredibly convenient. We created the barn as a full-service storage facility meaning that we can care for every aspect of your car all in one place. Need a full detail before collection or installation of Liquid PPF? With on-site services at Henry's Car Barn, there is no need for the car to be transported mitigating any risk of damage. As experts in collection management, we know what it takes to maintain and store anything from classic to hypercars; we pride ourselves on reputation as well as the care we have for our customers. Want to know more? Request a call back below and we will get in touch to discuss any questions you may have or the next steps of storing a car with us.



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