Lights. Camera. Action.

With a busy schedule, our only chance to capture our client transporter for our new website was on its way out of the door to collect a vehicle. We tracked the trailer on a private road to make sure that we had complete control of the speed and so that we could use the full road width. The tracking vehicle, a Fiat 500 Abarth, was perfect to get as far over the other side of the road as possible however the noise made it nearly impossible to communicate! Towed by the HCB Defender, the trailer is covered for completed discretion but made the target pretty big for a photograph. The trailer and Defender are completely dedicated to our clients. If a car needs to go to a dealership for an annual service we deliver it, if a vehicle needs to be collected after it has been used we collect it. To find out more about storing a car with Henry’s Car Barn please use the contact details below.